why choose Xiwa?

We are specialists in developing presentations and videos based on PowerPoint. Xiwa assists its customers to grasp their story better in many areas. Script, storyboard, graphic & motion design, voice over, subtitles, background music, photo & video footage… These are all important basic building blocks that guarantee the development of communication tools that really make a difference! Traditional agencies often don’t have the specific knowledge to provide these specialised services so comprehensively. Contact us for as many or as few activities you need.

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Below we give 5 extra reasons to choose Xiwa.

Motorcycle, photographed from the rider’s viewpoint, entering a bend on an open road between greenery, to depict the smart structure and swift adaptation of presentations.

smartly built and quickly adapted.

Since the presentations and videos that Xiwa delivers are built in PowerPoint, adaptations are made very quickly and efficiently. Other language versions or variants on the same theme are also achieved quickly and effectively. After all, your message sometimes evolves and then you as a customer wishes to adapt quickly. And if at all possible, preferably without (major) budgetary implications because as a client you can fully implement changes yourself if necessary.

Helicopter flying over river and mountains to illustrate the helicopter view in the development of presentations.

no second chance of a first impression.

Telling your company’s story requires a different approach than simply communicating figures from your annual report. Explaining your HR policy cannot be compared to an explanation of the technical properties of your product. Explaining a promotional activity is a little easier than providing your vision on the future of how your business model will evolve. Each goal requires a specific approach: we listen attentively but always with a critical ear. A helicopter view often creates surprising insights that make your story immediately relevant.

White concrete steps in hard shadow on a sunny day.

what is good can get better and better.

We have already helped a lot of SMEs and large companies, but we also like to help intermediary organisations and government institutions rise above themselves. Making a difference is essential in every business, regardless of the size of the organisation. And let that be the essence of what we excel at. We specialise more in this sector than traditional agencies because we concentrate 100% exclusively on professional presentations and videos that are based 100% on PowerPoint.

Empty seats in an auditorium, ready for the audience for a presentation.

one audience
is not the same as another.

Every audience has different background knowledge. Listeners or viewers with inside information should be approached differently than an audience that you are appealing to for the first time. 1-to-1 stories require a different approach than addressing a large group of people. As a client, we help you to analyse your audience, which greatly increases the chance of leaving a lasting impression.

Hand holds photo frame, through which you can see sea and mountains.

everyone talks about impact.

After all, you have a clear objective in mind. Informing, inspiring, activating, convincing, participating, influencing and many combinations form the basis of why you have a presentation or video developed. Consciously considering how you want to generate impact will increase the effectiveness of your presentation. We advise you to clearly outline your objective.

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