pitch presentation

A pitch is more than a very short presentation. It is a clearly constructed and concise story with a specific goal. The goal of your presentation can be very diverse: convincing investors, increasing customers’ enthusiasm for a new product or convincing your manager to further develop your idea.

A pitch presentation is a strong example of customisation, for which we like to use our expertise .

Woman with bow and arrow and story with a clear goal for pitch.


We work very carefully to convey your message correctly. Based on an intensive workshop, we write a storyline together with a clear beginning, middle and an end that calls for action. We immediately grab attention with a surprising start and hold it until the very end. We then recap, so that the key message is very clear.

Selection of photos for pitch presentation.

visual approach.

Using a visually strong PowerPointpresentation, we focus on your message. Videos, photos, mock-ups, icons and other graphic elements give the presentation a professional appearance. Isn’t there much high quality visual content available? No problem, we’ll browse through our extensive database of royalty-free images. Guaranteed eye-catchers, so your idea will stick in the audience’s minds.

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