promotional video

In a promotional video, you advertise a certain product or service. An advertisement with moving images, as it were. The goal is to introduce people to the product and to stimulate sales.

Xiwa has the necessary in-house expertise to create your video from A to Z.

Young businessman stands at the window in office and watches a promotional video on a smartphone.

clear message.

In a promotional video, your message should be communicated very clearly, concisely and in only a few seconds. That is why we first write a script, which is then worked out frame by frame in a storyboard. Following approval, this work file is transformed into a striking video.

Close-up of a camera during a shoot of chocolate cupcakes and pancakes.

attractive whole.

A promotional video with clear results requires a strong graphic composition. We carefully select the necessary visual material. An interesting mix of clips, packshots, illustrations and animations result in a dynamic video. Isn’t there much high quality visual content available? We are happy to supplement it with royalty-free material from our extensive database.

curious about how a promotional video could make a difference for your organisation?

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