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Video marketing is on the rise more than ever. The reach on Instagram and Facebook is much greater than with other forms of messaging. Also on LinkedIn you may have noticed that your contacts are increasingly using video. Did you also know that 90% of online consumers admit that their choice of purchase is influenced by a video on social media? Don’t stay behind – communicate via social media with the right tools.

Xiwa has the necessary in-house expertise to create your video from A to Z.

the preparation for the creation of a social media video.

a good start.

An animated video for use on social media is also called a snackable video. A good briefing and a few practical agreements are important here. The various channels require a different approach that we take into account for the optimum viewing experience. The length of the video is also laid down during the initial phase, taking into account budget and purpose.

the message in a social media video must be very clear

clear message.

In a social media video, your message should be communicated very clearly, concisely and in very little time. During the kick-off with the client, we find out exactly what you want to tell to whom. We also establish whether a voice-over and/or subtitles is relevant. These issues are discussed and recorded in detail before we proceed to the graphical stage.

designer team work out design of animation video.

motion design.

The viewer’s attention span is very limited. A strong graphic composition is therefore extremely important. We work with assets that are already available from the client – corporate identity elements, images, video recordings, icons – and supplement this with custom motion graphics that we develop for you. Background music and sound effects are also carefully selected and added. The result is a dynamic animation video with the necessary stopping power.

do you want to score better on social media with a custom-made video?

Together we will seek a budget-friendly creation for your idea.
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