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No company benefits from an abundance of makeshift presentations that often miss their targets. Opt for a comprehensive corporate presentation and make the right first impression from the start. As a result, this avoids stress for the presenter and ensures that your message reaches the target audience with a bit of extra persuasiveness.

We are happy to help you develop and design a professional PowerPointpresentation.

Storytelling is absolutely essential in the formulation of a corporate presentation.


At Xiwa, the creation of a corporate presentation always starts with a blank sheet of paper. On the basis of an intensive workshop, we will jointly seek a strong storyline that highlights the activities and values of your company in a structured way. We collect the content into an interactive storyboard and only then proceed to the motion design.

An interactive presentation ensures that you can adapt the story according to contact person.

interactive structure.

An interactive menu ensures that you can use the PowerPoint presentation for multiple purposes. You can switch smoothly between different headings and topics, depending on the person sitting in front of you at that moment. A professional corporate presentation provides one solution for all target groups, for every type of user and for every department within your company.

Opt for an all-encompassing corporate presentation and keep everyone pulling in the same direction.

pulling in the same direction.

Avoid a proliferation of different presentations and discover the benefits of one all-encompassing corporate presentation. Not only is the corporate identity protected, but also the overall corporate story. All of the correct information is contained in one presentation, so no time is wasted – often last minute – re-touching various slides. A professional design with the right techniques ensures more persuasiveness and also saves you valuable time!

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