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At a customer or employee event, you usually want to thank and pamper your audience, but also provide something substantive. Of course, this includes a presentation, which unfortunately is often understood as a traditional (read: boring) sales pitch. Do you want to have an event presentation created? We can help you put together a surprising PowerPoint presentation, with which you will certainly captivate your audience. Ready to score?

Humour is very important at an event presentation.

humorous note.

We like to keep our event presentations light-hearted, with the occasional touch of humour. In this way, the positive impression of your presentation continues to dominate and does not come across as boring to your audience. We also provide a catchy, surprising title that gives an extra dimension and immediately triggers your guests. Attention guaranteed!

The search for striking and surprising visual material.

visual focus.

We look for striking and surprising visual material. Videos, photos, mock-ups, icons and other graphic elements give the presentation a professional appearance. A good balance between image and text on the slides creates a dynamic whole in which even complicated themes can be followed smoothly.

Woman following an online event with an event presentation from home.


The coronavirus caused a lot of events to be organised online. We also take this into account when developing your event presentation. We seek out the essence of your message. Make everything sufficiently readable for spectators who follow on a smaller screen. And bring variety through the use of video, images and animations. Are there several speakers on the programme who want to get started in PowerPoint? No problem, we are happy to provide a logically structured template. If necessary, we will carry out a final check-up. In that way you can be sure that everything will go as well as possible!

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