sales presentation

The importance of a professional sales presentation is often underestimated. After all, you only get 1 chance to make a good first impression. Give your representatives that extra push and send them on their way with a powerful PowerPoint. This is guaranteed to give your turnover a boost!

A businessman and woman sit in a meeting room and drink coffee during a sales presentation.

message repetition.

The structure of a sales presentation requires a specific approach. Our rule of thumb is to work with the principle of message repetition. In this, you first give a short intro on what you want to say, followed by the explanation and at the end you summarise exactly what you have said. This means the message is delivered several times and the substance is better remembered. Simple, but very effective.

Business people shake hands over a successful agreement.

interactive set-up.

We create a sales presentation as if it were a website. Different techniques ensure that you can quickly navigate between the various topics. So ask your customer questions on where his or her interests lie. Tailor your sales story to this and ensure a personalised conversation every time. Your customer will certainly appreciate this.

Designer looks at photos to use them in a sales presentation.

visual focus.

A professional PowerPoint is characterised by a strong visual approach. The use of striking images, explanatory icons and consciously-chosen animations supports the seller. With the help of logically configured clicks, we allow the elements to appear gradually, so that you build your presentation together with your outline. This is a type of support that is also appreciated for online sales calls.

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