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Instructional videos are an indispensable part of the digital landscape. YouTube is full of how-to or explainer movies that often have a very large reach. It is also a very effective and fun way to educate your target group. PowerPoint also enables the creation of a budget-friendly video very quickly.

Xiwa has the necessary in-house expertise to create your video from A to Z.

Young woman in kitchen watches instructional video on a smartphone whilst stirring a saucepan.

numerous benefits.

An explainer video is very accessible and holds the viewer’s attention for longer than a traditional manual. It is therefore possible to provide a lot of information in a short period of time. Striking screenshots, graphics, images and recordings form a digital tutorial that can be followed very quickly and easily. Didn’t understand something? You can replay it with one click!

Friends watch a video on a laptop together in a coffee bar.

interactive video.

We can go one step further by adding interactivity to the video. For example, the user can then click on topics for an extra word of explanation or must perform a certain action to be able to continue. This gamification not only generates extra attention, the instructional video becomes a true experience! And your story sticks even better.

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