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Designing presentations is often a difficult job. Attention must be paid to both content and form and that is often where the problem lies. Everyone works in their own way, which creates an undesirable number of different styles . This does not help your credibility.
A PowerPoint template provides the solution. Many elements are fixed, such as the font and size, use of colour, graphs, tables and images. In addition, various layouts are ready-made, which in turn results in considerable time savings and ease of use.

Analysis of presentations in a short workshop.

specific trajectory.

When developing a template, we work very specifically. Together with you, we analyse existing presentations and identify a number of basic slides. These slides are translated by the designers into a visually coherent whole. Following the approval of the design, the template is developed. After a short workshop, you can get started on the further development of various presentations. Everything aligned.

Designers select an image for the development of a PowerPoint template.

in line with corporate identity.

Before we start to formulate the design, we conduct a thorough analysis of the existing corporate identity. Of course, the template must fit within the predetermined guidelines. But we also go a step further. We do not only work out an attractive design, we also develop a strong graphic system that can be used for the creation of various different presentations.

Happy woman creates a presentation based on the template in a coffee bar.

optimum ease of use.

We structure the template very visually, so that you can create a professional presentation in very little time. Choose a pre-set base slide, complete the text, select a suitable photo, add tables or graphs, and you’re done! The result is a template that everyone feels comfortable with and can work with efficiently. Keen to get started?

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