Important presentation coming up? Your storyline is good, but the graphic interpretation is not OK?

Xiwa to the rescue! With a redesign in PowerPoint, we transform your basic presentation into a convincing communication tool. Even with a few basic elements, we can get started.

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With a redesign, we look for surprising visual material.

visual focus.

We look for striking and surprising visual material. Videos, photos, mock-ups, icons and other graphic elements give the presentation a professional appearance. Isn’t there much high quality visual content available? No problem, we’ll browse through our extensive database of royalty-free images.

With the aid of subtle animations, we build a dynamic presentation.

dynamic whole.

With the addition of subtle animations, we convert your supplied slides into a dynamic presentation. This keeps your audience attentive and engaged. Based on logically configured clicks, you keep hold of the reins.

A redesign in PowerPoint creates more impact.

more impact.

A redesign of your PowerPointpresentation takes your story to the next level. This means your story will certainly stick in the minds of your audience! Naturally, we take into account the graphic guidelines that have already been drawn up, but we go one step further. Is the deadline worryingly close? No problem, we’ll take it up a notch.

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