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With an activation video you put a new service or a brand new product in the spotlight. With this dynamic video you will inform, inspire and above all activate your target group to respond to your business proposal. Results guaranteed!

Xiwa has the necessary in-house expertise to create your video from A to Z.

Colleagues discuss the script and storyboard of an activation video on a laptop and tablet.

specific trajectory.

The possibilities are endless, so good preparation is extremely important. After an intensive kick-off meeting with the client, we write the script. Some essential decisions are taken at this stage for the further formulation of the presentation. Is the text spoken, are we providing subtitles and are we adding background music? The script is worked out frame-by-frame in a storyboard that following approval is transformed into a fun, striking video.

Sports person watches video about tennis on a sports field.

more impact.

Video marketing is on the rise more than ever. 68% of internet users indicate that they would rather watch a video to get to know a product or service than via text or photos. It is therefore the perfect medium for conveying your message in a fun way that is guaranteed to achieve results.

curious about how video marketing can make a difference for your organisation?

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