A showreel is a short promotional video in which you provide an overview of completed projects. It originated in the film world, but is now also increasingly popular in the business world to convey your references in a dynamic and direct way. With a showreel you are guaranteed to attract new customers!

Xiwa has the necessary in-house expertise to create your video from A to Z.

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Young woman in white T-shirt  is impressed and pleasantly surprised.

impressive whole.

In a showreel video, static and moving images follow up on each other at lightning speed. This gives you an overwhelming overview of the company’s know-how and professionalism. Interesting transitions, clear typography and appropriate music complete the video into a dazzling whole.

Group of people during a brainstorming session to create a showreel video.

clear trajectory.

Just as with the development of any other kind of video or presentation, we first think about what exactly we want to show. We regularly coordinate with the customer using mood boards and a storyboard. Following, we collect the necessary image and video material and put together the showreel, with an end result which is a delight!

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