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Printed brochures and promotional leaflets are rarely used in the sales process. Still, representatives often have to make do with self-printed price lists and/or disorganised PDFs.
Why not send your sales team out on the road with an interactive product presentation? The perfect digital tool to inform your customers quickly of any new products or changes to the range.

Representative shows product presentation to customer.

interactive structure.

We create a digital sales book as if it were a website. Different techniques ensure that you can quickly navigate between the various ranges and products. In very little time, suggest the current promotions and novelties that are of specific interest to that customer. Thanks to this interactivity, we can also provide different languages.

Two ladies view and discuss a presentation on a tablet.

assets of PowerPoint.

Building up a product presentation in PowerPoint delivers many benefits. It is extremely user-friendly, so you can easily and quickly make small adjustments – such as a price change or text adjustment – yourself without our help. This saves both time and money. We adapt the format of the slides to the device used. For example, we have already developed several sales books specifically for use on iPad. Do you have an extensive product range, divided into various ranges, each with its own look? We also take this into account in the design of the presentation.

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