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Xiwa specialises in the development of professional presentations and video marketing. In doing so, we go a major step further than traditional graphic and communication agencies. They often do not have the right knowledge to pay sufficient attention to this part of the marketing story. Through our specific focus, Xiwa goes beyond presentations to really make a difference.

Whatever the end product, we turn your content into an impactful story with a message that convinces and lingers! Our team of presentation and video specialists has a great deal of know-how in the field. On this page we share some of that acquired knowledge with anyone who wants to upgrade their communication.

new standards, new pitfalls

Teleworking is the new normal. The permanent shift from physical to virtual meetings is a fact. Important sales conversations have to take place online, which is not easy despite the …

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11 tips for presenting online

Everyone has already noticed that presenting online is not the same as giving a face-to-face presentation. Because teleworking will remain the norm for a while, we would like to list …

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5 common mistakes

For many of us, giving a presentation to an audience or a room full of people is outside our comfort zone. Not only is there often a fear of speaking …

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why choose Xiwa?

We are specialists in developing presentations and videos based on PowerPoint. Xiwa assists its customers to grasp their story better in many areas. Script, storyboard, graphic & motion design, voice …

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It shouldn’t be this way!

PowerPoint often has a negative connotation and is not immediately seen as a sexy program. It is also often a great source of inspiration for comedians, as in the following …

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