the holy trinity, building blocks in PowerPoint

If you want to make a difference with your presentation, it is best to take into account 3 essential building blocks in PowerPoint.

old black typewriter with a white page on which is written “what’s your story?”


Naturally, as a presenter you have a total grasp of your material. However, it is not easy to convey this to your listeners in a structured story. Try to assess the level of your audience’s knowledge. Find out what they do not know and especially what they do, so that you can focus on substantive elements that make the key to your story clear. This way your audience is involved and they get the feeling that they have benefited from your presentation. Adapt your story to your audience where necessary by working with interactive menus.

Wall with ‘oh la la’ attached in large letters as a link to design in PowerPoint.


Ensure a high-quality appearance because, after all, you want to come across as a professional. The design must be visually strong. Make sure there are a few surprises in your presentation so that the audience’s attention does not drift. The design of your presentation brings with it a first impression that is immediately quite a hit.

An infographic of bulbs in which the various steps of an animation are shown and the bulb flashes.


Is not an end in itself but an excellent means of making your story stronger. Opt for smooth transitions, work with subtle effects an keep a close eye on timings. Animation in graphs and diagrams supports your argument and keeps your audience attentive.

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