welcome to the jungle

Can you sometimes no longer see the wood for the trees?
Read here how you can prevent a jungle of presentations!

do you recognise yourself in one of these situations?

Bram from HR will soon be conducting a job interview with a promising candidate. He quickly pimps up the corporate presentation. Remove unnecessary slides, update some figures and images left and right, and quickly put together some new slides.

Anja in the sales team is ready for an important prospecting meeting. She realises that her presentation has not been adapted to the company she will visit. As a result, she still has to adapt the corporate presentation in a hurry.

Or Klaas from marketing who will soon have to put together an event presentation. He fails to bring a coherent and dazzling story into his presentation because not everyone in the company is pulling in the same direction. As a result, he doesn’t think he is using his time effectively at all.

Even the CEO, with or without the complicity of his/her assistant, uses this time-consuming and inefficient technique: chasing around trying to salvage the situation. And this recurs frequently over time, much to the frustration of every current and future user.

No one benefits from a proliferation of presentations that, after all, often miss their target. What’s more, it can have misunderstood and harmful consequences. Incorrect ‘first impression’, nervousness among presenter and audience, core and detail message cannot be separated from each other,…

Imagine there is a party that can offer real solutions for this and put an end to this proliferation once and for all.

Clients who have already worked with Xiwa recognise that our approach delivers a host of benefits that recoup the communication investment in no time.

discover our 9 benefits.

  1. Time and efficiency gains
  2. Corporate identity monitoring under control
  3. Get rid of last-minute adjustments
  4. Always have up-to-date information
  5. At last, presenting professionally
  6. No more having to worry about the right version
  7. One solution for all target groups
  8. One solution for every type of user
  9. One solution for every department

Xiwa inspires with a comprehensive approach that allows the client to sit back and concentrate on his core business.

do you want to get out of that jungle too?

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