a bit of family history

Xiwa is a niche player in full growth, founded in 2018 but with a foundation that dates back to the golden sixties of last century. Rest assured, there is plenty of hidden experience at Xiwa!

Immerse yourself in a piece of the family history of founder and manager Lieven. The added value of graphic design which gives the viewer a “wow” feeling, the art of converting complex messages into clear stories and the extra dimension that well-chosen typography adds to professional communications were learned at an early age. [leeswa] about the fascinating history of Xiwa [kziewa].

Xiwa is born.

The circle is complete.

From specialist to generalist to specialist. There is a great demand for professional presentations and video marketing. Xiwa wants to meet this demand. A 5-person team, augmented by freelancers, guides clients all over Belgium in the fascinating process of storytelling via inspirational presentations and dynamic videos. With a great deal of enthusiasm and energy!


GBL acquires Apunta.

It is time for something different.

Peter Doise focuses on the care sector and leaves the communications sector. GBL studio, a sector partner and good neighbour in Kortrijk-Heule, takes over the team, the activities, the client portfolio and business premises. The second generation also evolved there some time ago.



For some time now, a hybrid approach has been advocated to develop effective communication.

Both online and offline communications are developed because they generate a reinforcing effect for customers and brands. The team grows to 14 employees. Apunta can count many well-known companies among its customer base.


Graphic Team Doise.

The second generation takes the lead.

Lieven and Peter Doise have joined the company and are expanding its services into a fully-fledged pre-press agency. The first rotating colour scanners mark a new milestone.   In addition, the first steps are being taken in the direction of advertising activities in which marketing strategy and graphic design become focus points.


Doise Typography.

Offset printing had been around for some time and Noël introduces computer-controlled typesetting systems.

This requires significant investment. He is way ahead of his time. For example, he is the first in Europe to have a Scangraphic pre-press system that allows, among other things, scanning in black and white and integrating text and image. DTP before its time. Noël wins several awards and distinctions.


Doise Typesetters

Father Noël Doise, starts an independent activity in Kortrijk as a typesetter with ground breaking Linotype lead typesetting machines.

The age of hand-setting is over. The company focuses on printers, designers and publishers. Noël is making progress and hiring his first employees to meet the rising demand.