Do you have an important meeting very soon but don’t have enough time to prepare the presentation? Or perhaps a complex story to tell to an unaware audience and you don’t know exactly how to begin? Maybe you want to leave a good impression at an event but the lack the skills to make it look professional? To sum up, could you use some help preparing your PowerPointpresentation, perhaps including the content?

understanding the story

We start by listening and asking a lot of (critical) questions. We want to get to know your story, understand what type of presenter you are and who your target audience is. Then we get to work.

strategic thinking.

We carry out a strategic exercise in storytelling in which we detect simple messages that make the difference and are really convincing. We seek a balance between what you say and what your audience wants to hear. A story whose message lingers on.

surprising twists.

We engage quickly. We interpret, deliberate, weigh up, cut and paste to arrive at an effective medium which gives everyone the ‘wow’ effect. Initially in terms of content, so that the message is focused. But the formal aspect also inspires attention.

100% usable.

We create a lasting impression on all screens, large and small, for all audiences, whether 1-to-1 or a large number of viewers. We want to let you score as a presenter. And all of this in PowerPoint.

return on inspiration.

From an everyday presentation to a truly impactful story. You will achieve an ROI which you could only previously dream of.

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Over 25 years of experience in the world of marketing and communications, particularly in the know-how of professional presenting, in partnership with a number of famous companies and brands.


Lieven Doise, Xiwa

“You would never suspect that our presentations have been prepared using PowerPoint. Many of our presentations are delivered with fully-integrated interactivity, as if they were websites. We have also achieved unanticipated results for video marketing. You have to see our references to believe it!”

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