3 years of Xiwa

Xiwa is a start-up in full growth and was already able to blow out 3 candles on 1 October 2021.

The perfect moment to look back on the very beginning and some important moments. Lieven, the driving force and manager of Xiwa, is happy to share his personal story.

a lucky guy, to have such a dream job!

At the age of 51 I started a new business as a ‘one man band’ with the intention of keeping it small-scale. From now on, I would only do what I liked to do: get to know new people, organisations and their DNA. Fed by my eagerness to learn and in an effort to grow my clients. I continue to watch with wonder ([kziewa] = Xiwa) how how everyone tries to put his or her organisation, service, product or working method in the spotlight using PowerPoint but does not always fully succeed.

I want to do something about that with Xiwa. That is why I like to interact and – yes, sometimes discuss – with my clients so that they ultimately benefit from it. But I also learn from them. This is good interaction, because ‘ping pong’ is always enriching for both sides. The ultimate goal? To deliver presentations that help clients advance their professional activities. And all that achieved – at least in many people’s perception – on the most unsexy platform in the world: PowerPoint. What the fuck! Such a niche service as professional PowerPointpresentations, will that catch on?

Lieven, the manager of Xiwa sits in the shared office space at Xiwa’s headquarters and talks about 3 years of Xiwa.

Fortunately, I soon noticed that the interest is more than considerable and the demand is greater than I can offer with my capacity alone. A first team member was recruited. An immediate doubling, which is always exciting. Afterwards the leap to take on even more people to where we are today with our motivated and committed Xiwans. Without them, I couldn’t achieve my dream with Xiwa. They are true ambassadors and I am very proud of every single one of them! Our team makes the difference as we all always focus on ‘beyond expectations’. Which is directly in line with our baseline ‘beyond presentations’. Xiwa has also been focusing on professional video marketing for more than a year now. And more is to come: a third pillar is in the pipeline from the beginning of next year.

The growth of a start-up happens at varying speeds and is one of occasionally stumbling and jumping right back up again. Fortunately, I am not alone and the Xiwans help write the story. A story that will soon be continued at a new, hybrid workplace in the centre of Kortrijk.

Of course, not everything has gone smoothly over the past 3 years. And not least because of the annoying virus that we were all confronted with. It thwarted our plans to expand our services even more sustainably with both extra team members and extra outcomes. But we are now working hard on that with 3 vacancies.

Giving an ‘Awesome’ or ‘Wow’ feeling: that’s why I do it. Satisfaction for our Xiwans, our clients and for myself. That is the drive that gives me enthusiasm to do business with an open view of the future. I can certainly call myself a lucky guy in this dream job!

And furthermore: a big thank you to all our clients who believe in Xiwa is due here!

With presentable regards

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