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At a well-developed company such as Vandemoortele with branches at home and abroad, several presentations are created every day. Often, everyone works in their own way which creates an an undesirable number of different styles . The International Marketing Services Manager wanted to put an end to these practices and hired Xiwa to develop a professional template.

Powerpoint template basic slide with agenda points and image of young chef dressing a plate with sauce


We start by identifying the types of slides that the template should contain. We do this by carrying out a thorough analysis and audit of the existing presentations. Intensive consultation with the customer delivers additional insights into how the customer uses presentations and what needs arise.

Basic slide for the introduction with title, paragraph and an icon for clarification

The moment the type slides are chosen, the designers get to work, releasing their creative skills and translating the type slides into a visually coherent whole. Through feedback, these slides are fine-tuned to a deck that all parties feel good about.

powerpoint template basic slide with large background image of 2 chefs tasting sandwiches on which is a transparent text box.

The design is converted into template slides. We fill the template with pre-formulated designs so that the customer can get started very visually, and immediately see which type slide he can use in which situation. Customise text, change photos, and insert tables, and you’re done! The result is a template that everyone feels comfortable with, 100% in accordance with the company’s corporate identity.

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