online pitch 2.0 for Cokido

The coronavirus measures remain in place and online presentations remain particularly topical. Even after this pandemic, online presentations are likely to become the new normal.

Presenting online therefore has many advantages, especially for a first introductory conversation. You don’t have to travel, so no traffic jams or delays along the way. It is a lot more pleasant than a regular phone call because you effectively see the person you are talking to and the platforms are now sufficiently developed to allow the video call to run smoothly.

However, a clear visualisation of your story is especially important here. It is even more difficult to keep your audience interested via an online presentation. Your listeners are more easily distracted, emails are read and answered in between, and concentration decreases considerably as the conversation progresses.

We have already created 11 practical tips for presenting online. You can read them in our expertise section, but we can do much more for you. Xiwa structures your story and incorporates it into a visually appealing video or presentation with the necessary interactivity. The perfect support during the discussion, especially if it is of great importance to your organisation.

This was also the case with Eefje Cottenier of Cokido. She was nominated to participate in the final of the Social Innovation Tournament, an initiative that recognises and supports Europe’s best social entrepreneurs. During the final in Lisbon, the 15 participants had to present and defend their project to a jury of specialists in 7 minutes. The winner went home with a nice cash prize to further expand their project.

Eefje is a passionate, creative person who can talk about Cokido for hours. Working with a pitch of just 7 minutes was quite a challenge and a professional presentation was a must! A few brainstorming sessions, combined with the expertise of Xiwa, resulted in a powerful presentation with a clear storyline and a playful design, which fitted in with Cokido’s corporate identity. The perfect support to allow Eefje to tell her story and convince the jury.

We even went a step further. The event was organised online and the presentation could therefore only be operated from the control room, which caused Eefje having no control over the sequence of the slides. Xiwa was able to provide a solution. We mounted a recording of Eefje on top of the presentation, making the pitch 1 complete entity and excluding any technical issues. Eefje left a lasting impression through her enthusiasm and professional approach.

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