IVC Group opts for activation video

Customers choose an activation video because they stimulate, inform, inspire and convince their customers at the same time. A message conveyed in a playful way also lingers longer and creates an extra positive feeling.

At Xiwa, this is how we approach developing an activation video.

  1. Develop a strong script with well-chosen messages and you’ll know what you’re going to say
  2. Set lines, shapes and texts in motion and you get motion graphics
  3. Add video recordings and you get a surprising mix of moving elements
  4. Choose and install background music over the whole and you create extra atmosphere
  5. Write out the texts for the voice-over and you give spoken explanation
  6. Provide the necessary translations and you speak all the languages of your customer
  7. Use the voice-over to provide subtitles and you increase the range substantially

Xiwa has a lot of expertise in the development of activation video.
We like to let the client speak.

Activation video lures dealers
to IVC Group’s B2B platform

Moduleo® is a Belgian brand of luxury vinyl flooring that belongs to the IVC Group. The contemporary collections are offered to consumers through an extensive dealer network in numerous European countries such as Belgium, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Poland.

businessman in grey suit stands in front of yellow with climbing plants while he talks about the company’s activation video

In order to give the many dealers the best service, IVC Group launched an online portal. Here dealers can find the Moduleo® products, request technical information, order samples and place and follow up orders.

To make the dealers enthusiastic about the B2B portal, Xiwa created an activation video that shows the different functions of the site. This video was sent to all dealers as the very first introduction to the platform. After this warm-up, it was a breeze for the regional sales managers to get the dealers to register effectively.

Dries Devarrewaere (Content Marketeer at IVC Group)

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