E-learning is an indispensable part of today’s business landscape. It can help you train new employees, manuals have become very tangible and the annual mandatory refresher courses have also become child’s play. Online courses provide great flexibility, are cost-effective and have a better chance of success compared to traditional courses in book or teacher form. Switch to e-learning and train your employees in a fun, attractive way. Xiwa develops e-learning and online courses with perfectly measurable results. And all within your pre-determined budget.

Man completing e-learning module on laptop.

the power of PowerPoint.

In fact, we also use PowerPoint as a basis for the development of e-learning modules. As experts, we can quickly build online courses and make amendments afterwards. The possibilities are numerous, but even with a modest budget we can achieve a fantastic, correctly working result.

Workshop, kick-off meeting with the client.

good preparation.

The possibilities are almost endless, but good preparation remains extremely important. During an intensive kick-off with the customer, we discuss the subject, the target group and the format of the e-learning module. A quiz in between to check if the participant has understood everything correctly, a survey at the end of the course, a voice-over that gives instructions, or a recording of the instructor explaining everything in detail. This is just to list a few possibilities that can make the whole thing stronger.

Action plan for the development of e-learning.

specific trajectory.

Once the scope of the project has been determined, together with the extra functionalities, we incorporate everything into a storyboard. This is followed by a draft design in which we have already designed the general structure and some extra slides graphically. Of course, we take corporate identity rules into account. Following approval, we formulate the full e-learning module and add the extra functions where necessary.

Boy with magnifying glass and visual focus.

visual focus.

An online course or manual contains more text than, for example, an event presentation. Nevertheless, we build up the slides very visually with the help of video material, photos, illustrations and graphic elements. Using logically configured clicks, we allow the elements to appear gradually, so that the participant can easily follow and is not overwhelmed with text.

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